• Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

    All of our products are crafted using sustainable ingredients and materials.

  • Family-Owned

    Lucreme is family-owned by individuals who are passionate about skincare.

  • Based in the United States

    We make all of our products and source our materials in the USA.

Who We Are

Lucreme is a natural skincare brand based in South Florida, USA. We hand-craft soaps and other skincare products with purely natural and ethical ingredients using traditional methods like the “cold-process” in soap-making. Each of our products is unique and caters to all skin types.

Our Mission

We want you to care for your skin in the best possible way, but not at the cost of our planet. We aim to provide you with a genuine product that represents our passion for skincare and appreciation for nature using only high-quality, ingredients and materials. Our mission is to offer a natural alternative to better skin, while supporting sustainable practices. Learn more about our ingredients by visiting our blog.

Our Values

Committed to quality and sustainability, we always work towards eco-friendly alternatives. Our soaps are palm-free and many of our other ingredients are sourced locally or ordered from businesses that share the same values as we do. Natural skincare is the foundation of our brand, and we will continue to provide honest products, crafted from the heart, and resources to help you improve the overall health and beauty of your skin.

Our Vision

We strive to show others the power of natural ingredients and alternative ways to care for your skin. Our goal is to help people achieve healthier skin, be it through our products or the About Your Skin Blog.