Why Do Red Moles Appear on the Skin?

If you have ever seen a red mole on your skin and wondered what they are, you’re not alone. Red moles, also known as cherry angiomas, are generated due to the dilation or rupture of the blood vessels that are inside the skin. These are small red and round moles, which in the vast majority of cases are not a cause for concern. They are most often seen in individuals with lighter skin and can sometimes be hereditary.

Cherry angiomas are mostly benign and do not usually require any treatment. However, there are some things to consider if a mole should appear:

  • Color. If it acquires a darker tone over time
  • Size. If they grow more than normal, or if they itch or bleed and the edges are blurred
  • Shape. If you have any asymmetrical (irregular, disproportionate or uneven shape)
  • Quantity. If many appear suddenly and in a specific place

Red moles with any of the above characteristics may be caused by an underlying health issue and should be assessed by a dermatologist.
Red moles - Cherry angiomas

How Do You Remove or Prevent Red Moles?

Currently, laser technology is the most recommended option to effectively eliminate red moles. However, you can also take preventive measures, such as avoiding excessive exposure to the sun, using sunscreen, following a balanced diet, and maintaining adequate care of your skin.
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