Difference Between A Hydrating Cream And A Nourishing Cream

Woman applying cream on her face

When we hear “hydrating cream” and “nourishing cream” it can be easy to label them as the same thing. Though they both help the skin in similar ways, they each work for different skincare needs and making the right selection will depend on factors like your age and skin type. (Learn more about skin types in our blog article “How to Care for Different Types of Skin.”)

A hydrating cream provides the necessary moisture and protection without making the skin oily. It’s best if applied in the morning and can often be paired with sunscreen or used as a makeup base. Hydrating creams are very versatile and are perfect for any skin type, though its light consistency makes it ideal for those with oily or combinations skins. 

A nourishing cream helps the skin look healthier and brighter by strengthening its cells. It aids in the production of lipids, which are the skin’s natural fats, regenerating or replenishing typically dry or aging skin. An ideal nourishing cream contains natural butters like shea and cocoa, and vegetable oils like sweet almond to provide nutrients and strengthen the skin’s renewal process. These creams are applied at night and are extremely beneficial for skin that is prone to flakiness, irritation, and wrinkles. 

So how do you know whether to pick a hydrating cream, a nourishing cream, or both? It’s important to take into consideration the following: 

  1. Every skin is different. Your selection will depend on whether you have normal, oily, dry, or combination skin.

  2. Your age plays a crucial role in the type of skin you have, therefore, skincare products need to be adapted to your skin’s ongoing changes as you age

No matter the skin type, moisturizing is a must and knowing the difference between a hydrating cream and a nourishing cream can help you better your skincare regimen and achieve skin that is balanced, healthy, and radiant.

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