Does The Skin Benefit From Physical Exercise?

Mom doing yoga with her child

Exercising has numerous benefits; it gives us energy, strengthens our body physically and mentally, and improves our immune system. But did you know that regular exercise is key to having healthy skin? If you needed another reason to exercise, consider the following benefits working out can have on your skin. 

Exercising Improves Blood Circulation 

Regular exercise helps improve blood circulation in our bodies. Healthy circulation will keep your skin cells revitalized and working to their fullest potential. The increased blood flow that occurs when exercising helps carry away waste that can be harmful to the skin and can help reduce the appearance of varicose veins. It also spreads oxygen as well as other important nutrients throughout the body and to the skin cells. 

Sweating Helps Remove Toxins

Sweating also helps benefit the skin. While it may seem uncomfortable to some, sweating actually helps open pores and expel impurities and accumulated waste that are locked in deeper layers of the skin. It also helps eliminate dead skin cells and dirt from the epidermis. Just be sure to rinse off as soon as possible after every workout. 

Exercising Reduces Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is an imbalance in the body’s production of free radicals. Although free radicals are naturally occurring cells in our bodies, they can develop toxic compounds that can be harmful to our skin and cause premature aging. A recent study showed, however, that physical activity can help increase antioxidant activity in the body, thus alleviating the harmful effects of free radicals on our skin. 

Exercise undoubtedly helps maintain physical and mental health and wellness, but your skin can benefit from it as well. So if you're feeling in need of a little motivation, think about the potential skin benefits a little physical activity can bring you. 

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