6 Affordable Ways To Achieve Better Skin

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Is skincare only limited to the products we use? True, investing time and money implementing a carefully curated beauty routine can help your skin look better, however, there are simple and affordable changes you can carry out in your everyday life that can make a substantial difference in both the health and appearance of your skin. Here are 6 affordable ways to help you achieve better looking skin:

1 - Avoid Extreme Sun Exposure and Always Wear Sunscreen

Sometimes we overlook this simple step but it’s important to understand that exposure to the sun’s UV rays without adequate protection can mean serious consequences for your skin. The sun’s rays are penetrable even on cloudy days, and can damage deeper layers of skin, causing premature aging and wrinkles. For more information, check out our blog article Should You Use Sunscreen/Sunblock?

2 - Maintain a Balanced Diet

The phrase, “real beauty comes from within” is unambiguous when it comes to skincare. Implementing a well balanced diet packed with essential vitamins and minerals is pivotal in achieving healthy, happy skin. Avoiding processed foods and limiting unhealthy carbs like white bread or pasta is a great start. Our blog article Why is Good Nutrition Important for Skin? details which foods to aim for in order to benefit from those skin-loving nutrients.

3 - Stay Hydrated

Hydration is necessary for all bodily functions and, while there’s little scientific evidence indicating a direct relationship between drinking water and skincare, it’s still important to feature water into your beauty routine. Adequate hydration means your body has enough fluids to sustain blood flow throughout the body and organs, like the skin. Also, if there isn’t enough water, your skin can start to dry out as a result. Avoid waiting for your body to tell you you’re thirsty. If it reaches that point, you’re already dehydrated.

4 - Take Short, Warm Showers

As much as we love a hot bath, bathing with hot water can dry out the skin and strip it of its natural oils. Dermatologists suggest bathing with warm water no longer than 15 minutes to avoid affecting your skin’s barrier or potentially worsening any skin conditions.

5 - Get Enough Sleep

Believe it or not, your skin works hard while you sleep. Not only does your skin eliminate toxins, it also discards dead skin cells and regenerates new ones to fill their place. Your skin also increases blood flow and makes collagen while you sleep, a crucial protein responsible for skin strength and elasticity. Make sure get at least 7 hours of sleep a day to help your skin perform its best.

6 - Avoid excessive stress

We constantly hear the importance of reducing our stress levels for our overall health, but the effects of stress can likewise compromise your skin’s health and performance. Stress has been linked to common skin irritations like acne and more severe skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. To learn more about what happens to our skin when we’re stressed and what you can do to reduce the effect of stress on your skin, read our blog article How Stress Affects Our Skin.

While skincare products do help, these tips will help you achieve healthy skin from within.


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